La Bracera

Recently finished this poster for AF3IRM's upcoming art show, La Bracera: Women and Work. Come out to support on April 21st- some incredible transnational women artists will be showing their work, and all proceeds go to support the Summer School of Women's Activisim!

There was recently a really great interview with organizer Leilani Montes in Colorlines about the show and it's theme.  In the interview, Leilani says:

"Let’s understand the significance and range of women’s work: from the home to the office to the factory and field … and even when the woman does not work outside the home but inside the home, she does the work that makes all work possible, whether such work is paid or unpaid. This is of great importance. Let’s honor migrant working women by not only recognizing ourselves as a transnational force contributing to the global economy, but staying vigilant and actively supporting current campaigns to improve working conditions, prevents trafficking and hold contractors accountable for exploiting workers. Aligning ourselves with the transnational working women’s fight for just wages and safer working conditions directly strengthens the fate of all current jobs."
Did a fun, quick collab with Jesse Goldstein.  Check out lots of other great posters to print out and distribute at Occuprint!

Also...here's some music I'm currently bumpin...