Black President

Recently finished this for a project I was asked to do with Power House Publishing and Russell Simmons - it's for a book where artists were asked to respond to different hip hop songs.  I was assigned Young Jeezy's Black President...and this painting is my response.

I was asked to do a little something-something for the Socialist's new issue exploring Feminism.  This couldn't have come at a better time for me, as I am going through a massive life-change that has forced me to radically and deeply confront my understanding of how I exist in the world as a woman and as a survivor.

I cast the net and asked my female friends to answer the question: "What Does Feminism Mean to You in Your Life?".  And I asked them to answer that heavy, loaded question in 2 sentences - an impossible, and frankly outrageous task.

This project was a really quick turnaround, and while I would've liked to have spent more time on the images (some of the likenesses are pretty off), it was a real honor to get such an enthusiastic response from so many of the inspiring, powerful women in my life.

There's nothing quite like spending 2 afternoons, listening to No Doubt on repeat, and doodling your sisters and contemplating their perspectives.  It was a deeply gratifying experience.

Thank you everyone who responded so quickly and profoundly.

I kept listening to this song on repeat while I did this, basically because the video and lyrics are my life right now:

And I took more than a few dancing breaks to reconnect with my inner suburban middle-schooler:

Which is all very funny because I was more of a Slits fan than an No Doubt fan as a teenager.  I guess we just get lamer as we get older.
Ah, the beauty of procrastinating on work you're supposed to be doing and ending up, like a cyborg enraptured in the dystopian present, fucking around on FaceBook.  at 2am.

The constant barrage of songs, crappy comedic clips, harrowing political articles.

And then someone sends you something that makes the world around you stop for a minute.

Ladies and Monsters, have you heard of Anthony Schepperd?  I'm always late on everything so you probably already have.  But if you haven't already, holy shit.  I'm doing you a favor.  Turn off your phone.  Put it full screen.


I watched this video 9 times in a row and quickly found everything else I could find by him online.  Definitely take the time to check out his Site and his Vimeo.

I am so inspired I am going to draw all night.  And maybe I'll take a nice long walk around the block before the sun comes up.

Also - the last thing I saw years ago that made me stop in my tracks, that shook up my head and heart like this was an animation by the Soviet animator Tarasov.  Definitely check it out.