When the rain comes down like this
In Sheets.
I remember you, torrentially.

Breasts, budded.
You and I
Asphalt black and blue

Mindlessly soaking.
One in another's lip locked
head locked
in a suburban housing development parking lot.
(We are children;
but whose children are we?)

Headlights gleam in puddles.

My head shaved.

I thought I was in love
lost in Lust and Youth.

Years later I heard you'd
loved another girl- underage
Hungry.  Alone.

Remember how you told me you'd raped
a retarded girl?

Luis, was I just further practice?

I was so young
and not jaded yet.

So many more rapes to come for me.
After you (rs).

That's what love looked like.

Does your daughter- the one I never met-
still have my childhood bear?  Pandi?
I am still weighed down
by your rings under my eyes.

I only hope she is lighter, still.
She must, by now, be as old as I was
when I met you.