They Still Burn Witches.

Still finding stolen moments to work on Okay, Stupid. This is part of a triptych.
" Better believe there's war on up ahead/ Until we can settle the score and share the bread / Some people got no choices from the day they are born / Some other people got many but their reasons are wrong / Catch a fire, you're gonna get burned / Sow the seed, it will come back in return / Some people think they are above it all / and everything but they will fall"

"And we're at Square One"

I've been working on "Okay, Stupid" again. The project is evolving, and I have a lot of new material and concepts I am exploring. With this last sketch, I decided to document it every step of the way. I think it's really important that "artists" demystify our process in order to deconstruct notions of "talent", "genius" or other false capitalist boundaries that alienate the act of making. I know lots of artists that hide their use of photoreference, design programs, etc. out of shame, as though this makes them less of an artist (This seems, in my experience, to be particularly true of graff writers and illustrators). I know lots of artists that don't us any of that stuff, and still render photorealistically, or bypass that entirely and work completely from vision. Whatever you do, however you do it; Fuck it. Make some shit. Do what feels right. In my opinion, it's more inspiring when the process is transparent than when artists just shamelessly self-promote an image as a product out of context. Are we makers, or are we brands?

(Also, these flix were snagged off of my instagram account; when I get access to a printer again soon, I'll actually scan some of the sketches I've been working on.)

"Big Girls don't cry.  Oh, and Good Grrls are seen and not heard. (never tell how much it hurts)"

Also, I can't stop listening to this last James Blake record.  The whole thing, in tone and lyrical content, basically sums up my life from the last 3 months or so.

"Wasted times and broken dreams  / Violent colors so obscene  /It's all I see these days  / These days / Watch what you say / The devil is listenin'  / He's got ears that you  / Wouldn't believe / And brother once you go to him  / It's your soul you can never retrieve."