I was asked to do a little something-something for the Socialist's new issue exploring Feminism.  This couldn't have come at a better time for me, as I am going through a massive life-change that has forced me to radically and deeply confront my understanding of how I exist in the world as a woman and as a survivor.

I cast the net and asked my female friends to answer the question: "What Does Feminism Mean to You in Your Life?".  And I asked them to answer that heavy, loaded question in 2 sentences - an impossible, and frankly outrageous task.

This project was a really quick turnaround, and while I would've liked to have spent more time on the images (some of the likenesses are pretty off), it was a real honor to get such an enthusiastic response from so many of the inspiring, powerful women in my life.

There's nothing quite like spending 2 afternoons, listening to No Doubt on repeat, and doodling your sisters and contemplating their perspectives.  It was a deeply gratifying experience.

Thank you everyone who responded so quickly and profoundly.

I kept listening to this song on repeat while I did this, basically because the video and lyrics are my life right now:

And I took more than a few dancing breaks to reconnect with my inner suburban middle-schooler:

Which is all very funny because I was more of a Slits fan than an No Doubt fan as a teenager.  I guess we just get lamer as we get older.


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