A Few Little Things....

It's been a crazy few months again! Here are a few little things I've been up to in between projects and masterminding  a few future endeavors...

I had a long conversation with Latebloomer, a friend of mine from Jersey from when I was a teenager. He'd recently found a bunch of old beat tapes he'd made back in the day, and sampled them for a project. It was so good to have a nice, long conversation with him about that spirit; the days of hanging out in someone's bedroom or outside, drawing in blackbooks, listening to records, chilling with good folks. I was excited to do a little fun collab project with my friend Kate Soko. To get into the spirit, we hung out and drew, listening to his mix, and the backgrounds are digital collage from textiles in my bedroom. It was a really relaxing, grounding project that made me feel connected to all the things that mean the most to me in life and still influence everything I make; community, collaboration, presence. Download Latebloomer's Mark the Minutes beat tape!

I went to Miami in December for Art Basil, met up with lots of old friends, made some new ones.

This was a really quick anti-gentrification mural done in collaboration with the amazing Jason Castro.


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