Jersey Girls vs. Lupe Fiasco

On the real....
Nobody ever quite does it like grrrls from back home.

Tonight I linked with my Dirty Jer-Z hometown heroes, Kali and Jessica to check out the Lupe Fiasco show at Roseland Ballroom and his DJ set at Brooklyn Bowl.  Jessica is a hardcore Lupe fan - kind of the way Kali is a hardcore John Legend fan and how I suspect I am becoming a hardcore Jamie Woon fan.  We're all basically 16 years old when we get together, filling up gingerale bottles with Bacardi rum to pregame on line, chain smoking Newports and Marlboro lights like we ain't heard of emphysema, tryna stop one another from brawlin (or maybe just one of us...) and dancing our asses off like nobody's looking.  Only trouble is....when you see a former student and hope to god she doesn't look your way and see you acting a fool...it may be time to start to choose your venues more wisely.

My grrls gettin hype on the train.

Getting dinner.

Mr Fiasco.

The Roseland emptying out.

Dosage.  He gave us free cd's.

Lupe.  We were walkin to the train when we saw them setting up the gates for him to come out.  He was very nice and shook everyone's hand.  All night, Jessica kept saying, "HE TOUCHED MY HAND."

At the Brooklyn Bowl, where Lupe was DJ'ing.

A crowd member called Lupe from the stage.

I'm really feelin the anarchy hat.

You can take the grrl out of Jer-Z, but you can't take the diner out of the Jer-Z grrl.

Life - probably my favorite Lupe song ever.  I listened to this a lot in college, whenever I needed to be reminded why I was there. 


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