Random Spring Shots

My favorite part about spring is going for long walks and taking in the palpable transition.  You can see it in the trees exploding with blossoms behind gates and in the  quickened gait of people on the street.  You can smell it before it rains.  If you pay attention, you can hear it early in the morning as birds chatter to one other above the hum of traffic and the chorus of people hustling to their destinations.  There are more couples kissing on street corners, in lamplight, on park benches.  There are more children running, stretching out their thin, high voices, thawed.  The chalk on the sidewalk.  The sweaters slung over arms.   The white and the pink and the yellow and blue and grey and green.  The catcalls.

I really like to make stew for my friends in the spring.

I also really like to make whipped chocolate ganache for cakes for my friends in the spring.

Some of my beautiful community :)

Plants start to sprout in the spring.



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