Recent Sketchbook Scans

These are some scans I just ran from the sketchbook I've been working in since November. This work is a new turn for me; I rarely make very personal drawings but I've recently discovered the joy of reclaiming your work and passion for your own individual expression. I sort of feel like a 16 year old girl. All gushy and excited and melodramatic, scribbling away in a book on the train.  I suppose the content is fitting.

Probably my most favorite recent sketch.  I did this sitting on a picnic table in the snow on New Years day.

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Yes, we do.

New Year's resolution.

20 minute drawing at Dr. Sketchy's

Yes.  I read runes.  Those are Gebo (love, forgiveness, gifts, reciprocity, artistic and creative talents) and Jera (harvest rune of cause and effect, abundance).

Sadly, my overzealous marker sketching bled through.  Keep an eye out for the watercolor of this I'll be posting in the hopefully near future.

Some wonderful young people masterminding.

20 minute drawing at Dr. Sketchy's.  Such an amazing model.

Some preliminary brainstorming sketches for an upcoming mural I'm working on .

Young woman drawing.


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  1. A++

  2. Tanya!!!! Beautiful! Touching! Inspiring! Motivating! Thank you for sharing!!! Don't stop!

  3. HOW DO I GET THE WOMEN MAKE MEN PIECE!!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing these <3

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