Saturday Night Manhating

I'm working on a comic with my longtime best friend,  Kate, called "Manhater".  She came over tonight to bake some cookies and we were so enamored by our incredibly deep conversation we had to record it.  I hope you laugh as much as we do.  But we don't care if you don't.

Click if you want it to open in a new window; click again to enlarge to read it.


This blog post was brought to you especially by this song - "The Kids Don't Stand a Chance", a 6 pack of cherry wheat (5 on Mensen, 1 on Kate), and 2 attempts at making salted caramel.  The second was a resounding success. 

Mensen and KT take turns drawing and coloring.

Not the best cookies we've ever made.

Bringing them to the meeting tomorrow.  Wonder if folks will eat the crumbs.


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