I love being a muralist.

Today's meeting with the Department of Transportation went great.  So very excited and proud of all the incredible muralist apprentices in our group!  They really presented their ideas well and have been extremely fulfilling to work with.  The next few months will be full of fun, intense painting in the new Groundswell office.  I don't think I can post the designs yet, but in celebration here are some images of previous murals I've worked on!

As some of you know, I started my life as an artist as a pretty crappy graffiti writer.  I've been doing murals since 2001 with the company I founded, Legal Bee Productions.  When I moved back to NY from Oregon, I was researching places I'd like to work when I finished my degree.  Groundswell was on top of my list.  Thanks to the amazing artist, Crystal Clarity, I was referred and got a gig to work with them last summer.  I'm currently on my second project with this organization and am so profoundly grateful and inspired.  You can check out their webpage here:  Groundswell

Just for the record, universe - THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.  I want to travel the world and paint murals and make a living doing it.  I want to do my own independent work- but I also love collaborating and working with different groups of people to tell their own stories and working alongside local artists.  It's really important for me to share these skills with others, especially young people, so we can pass the torch.   If it weren't for Pose2, who mentored me when I was 18, I never would have pursued my dream of being an artist - and I'd like to encourage other young folks to follow their passions as well.  (Unending gratitude to Pose...Peep his work here:  Pose2 is Maxx Moses

So, if anyone with money and connections and walls is seeing this - I AM COMPLETELY AVAILABLE to travel ANYWHERE to do some incredible work. 

A section from "Connectivity-Continued" at PS506 in Sunset Park.  I worked on this with lead artist Crystal Clarity and a dozen incredible, inspiring young women.

Also from "Connectivity-Continued" - this area is inspired by fellow artist Robert "Tres" Trujillo and his beautiful, brilliant son, Saja.

Another section from "Connectivity-Continued".  This area was based on my memories of my mom teaching me how to read.  It was the single most important thing anyone has done for me, so I wanted to commemorate it in the first big mural I worked on in New York.

I love that kids walk past this on their way to school everyday.  I hope they see themselves in it.

Some of our INCREDIBLE crew from PS506 this summer.  They awarded me most "Sporkly Personality", dealt with me not allowing them to listen to Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie" because I think it condones abuse, and sang "Give me that Filet O Fish" 10 times a day.  All summer.

When I lived in Jersey City (and also when I lived in Portland) I would build walls in the summer so I could wake up early and just paint in the sun all day.  This was a quick one hour joint when I first put up the wall.

Early Legal Bee Piece....maybe 2005?

Early LBP piece at Backspace in Portland, Oregon

Early LBP Live Painting.  2 Hours.

Early LBP Piece.  I was hired to do a Live Painting for a party by Camel.  The $ was really good but I had real issues with working for them - even though I'm a smoker :(  They didn't ask for sketches and said we could do whatever we wanted.  So I painted cancer.  This is now hanging in the RJ Reynolds HQ.  And the money is long spent.

LBP piece with Nate Baptist at Floating World Comics in Portland, Oregon.  It's since been buffed.


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  2. **thumbs up** girl, I had no idea that you had shared all of this on your blog! Awesome...2011, I feel it Tanya:)

  3. i'm visiting Portland in early December and i'm looking forward to seeing your Floating World Comics interior mural. that's cool that you included ROM spaceknight in it.

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