Seeking Interviewees

I am working on writing two comics right now and am looking for interviewees for both.

The first is a comic about OK Cupid - I'm seeking women who would be willing to document their experiences on this site for a year.  I've made a custom-journal for women to keep, along with a questionnaire to fill out after each encounter.  Interviewees would meet as a group once every 3 months to discuss their experiences, and I'd meet with each woman individually once every 6 months and keep in touch via email and phone.  Interviews are audio recorded, and where requested, private information and details can be modified to maintain confidentiality.  I am seeking 3 women for this.

The second is a comic or picture book based on interviews with women who are recovering/have recovered from emotionally abusive intimate romantic relationships.  As a survivor myself, I have a vested interest in creating a book that tells our stories, helps us reclaim our voices, and offers both a sense of hope and a resource for identifying these kinds of toxic relationships.  I am seeking 6 women for this.  I'll have a written questionnairre to respond to and ask for 3-6 interviews.

You can contact me at msmensen@gmail.com if you are interested in participating.


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