Thanks to Mark Sunshine, you can see real, actual super 8 footage of me when I was 16 years old, carrying paint markers, spray paint and weird old cameras I found at flea markets.  Note the bizarre luggage I carried all my shit around in.  I was a strange kid.

I met Mark in a suburban New Jersey Barnes and Noble that I frequented as a kid solely for the purposes of shoplifting. I thought he was the awesomest comic artist and he was one of the first legit artists I ever met.  I think I drank my first margarita with him. 

Check out Mark's work at: http://id.sito.org/sny/

You can catch us splitting a table at Mocca in April.

He's got a comic coming out in Pood (which got a mention in the Daily News coverage of last year's Mocca here: http://shrvl.com/05Ldn).  Check out the full size version here so you can read it!  http://marksunshine.info/media/.


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  1. I loved the short! Beautiful <3

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