New Ink by Edwin Vazquez

Finally had the opportunity to get a new tat from incredible comic artist, and good friend, Edwin Vazquez.  Definitely check out his site, and get at him for an appointment!  I highly recommend him; he's got a super light touch, lots of patience, is very focused and clean, did a great job on redesigning my original sketch and is just in general awesome to be around.


(noun) firm determination to do something:

(verb) 1. settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter)

2. cause (a symptom or condition) to disperse, subside, or heal

3. reduce a subject, statement, etc., by mental analysis into (separate elements or a more elementary form)

4. (of something seen at a distance) turn into a different form when seen more clearly

The venerable Mr. Vazquez

Edwin and his awesome girlfriend, Jenai Chin, who is also an ill tattoo artist.


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