The Parsons Scholars did their final show.... 5PTZ had it's reopening party...and I drank beer on the tail-end of a flu.

Smooth mother's day jam "Give You Praise" by my boys in Doble Flo.

Some Scholars.....some Graduated Scholars...some Coordinators and Directors and I.  I love this program.

The super-ill COL


5PTZ reopening!  Hoooah.

Clarity and someone elses' piece.....inform me who this is because this shit is DOPE.


Spaze Craft

Dealin Pieces of Wall

Mr.  Beck stops Traffic just to hold Clarity

This is how I get over the flu.

My brilliant, beautiful roomie Clara.

Clarity tells it like it is.

Grrrrl Tawlk.

Also:  a terrible rhyme:
I quit writin cos it's not my hood-- I keep talkin tho I'm Ms. Understood. We talk love lost and gained tho I'm on the minus- tryna kill this headcold frontin its my sinus. 


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  1. This post made me smile. Looks like good times all around T!

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