Sketchbook Diary(-a?)

Just got put on to this Small Black record from last year....love this song and think it's apt:  "There is a difference between what you want em to know and what they have to know--- Here that the mirror reali-y never was found from the ways to to rise up again --rise up again like a ghost"

Have a lot of projects in the works right now....a bunch of spot illos, murals, book illustrations.  So I've been drawing but there's not so much I can show right now until things start to finish up a bit more.  But I do have a few little things I've been banging out in between all the craziness.

drawing I did for myself on Mother's Day.

I've been doing a lot of little doodles and paintings here and there for this Self Love series...this is one of the quicker ones I did recently that I kind of like.  There's things about this that remind me alot of stuff I used to do before I went to college.

Folks who've been following this blog for the last few months may be surprised about how personal a lot of the drawings I've been doing for myself have been lately. I'm challenging myself everyday to try to do visual journals and prayers - those of you familiar with my work in the past may be more accustomed to seeing me pretty much do just political work and weird comics, cartoons and characters. Making more personal work has been a really creatively/emotionally demanding experience - and doing a blog where I post that stuff has felt like a strange combination of Brooklyn-artist-cliche, teenage-girl-angst, exhibitionism and self-righteous/feminist insistence. I'm trying to explore the interstitial areas between self-consciousness and self awareness in a socially networked, constantly surveilled, live out-loud, reality TV, spectacle ridden, hyper-capitalist spectator culture. I'm trying to focus more on living a life that is, by its nature, inherently-exponentially creative rather than seeing my creativity as a market-based skill suitable only for developing a "career", as though that can somehow be compartmentalized from one's pedestrian existence. I don't know, maybe this is a big bunch of blah-blah-bullshit, but it's the type of stuff I think about.

A well-respected artist friend of mine once told me, " If you're into it, someone else out there will be too." I'm hoping he's right.


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  1. Another great post - lovin' the new drawings!! *high five*

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