5 PTZ-- Keep the Lights on

So. The developers are trying to turn 5 PTZ, the graff Mecca in LIC, Queens, into a bunch of condos and a shopping mall for rich people who could afford to live anywhere else.

Why they gotta try to steal everything, man?

Folks came out in force to support 5 PTZ this past Wednesday evening despite the unseasonable slush.

If you love the culture, you must support it's institutions.  This is not going down without a fight.

I propose CD if necessary.  But, sign the petition to support 5 PTZ at least for now.

Hip Hop's not dead.

Cortes Live painting

The crowd watching the amazing live performances by emcee's, dj's and other musical acts.

Cortes and the prolific, incredible Marthalicia get down.

Crystal Clarity brings fire.  As usual.

A little Dirty Jer-Z represent with the classic Artifact's "Wrong side of the Tracks", one of my teen anthems.


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