Full Super Moon and Transitions

The moon waxing near the East River.

I am preparing for yet another major transition, and the astronomical timing couldn't be more encouraging.  Tonight is not only a full moon in Virgo, but it's also a super moon - meaning the moon is orbiting more closely to earth, and appears larger on the horizon. It has an affect on tides, and so this evening you will find me on the beach with a journal and sketchbook.  Then, tomorrow is the Spring Equinox, bringing the balance of day and night and new growth.

In two weeks, I will be leaving my humble sanctuary at the Dismantler here in the interstitial areas of Boro Park/Kensington.  I've enjoyed my time here, particularly the long walks past closed shops on Sabbath in the Hasidic Neighborhood, the daily prayers broadcast from the nearby mosque, the smell of cars being painted in the autobody shop below me, and the evenings lounging on the roof watching seagulls cluster together on warehouses.   This was a good place for me for the time I was here, and I hope whoever takes my little yellow room finds it as useful a cocoon as I did.

The Dismantler.
I am fascinated by numbers and patterns; it was not lost on me when I moved here that my building number and street number both were numerologically rooted in the number 9, a trinity of trinities, rich in symbolism through a number of different ideological and spiritual traditions.

The lab.

There is something so calming about this small stretch on the walk home.

Came across this yesterday in Park Slope of all places.

Everything is about to change. Again. I am seduced by cycles. I am humbled by the undulating rhythms, nearly imperceptible but ever present. Never believe anything is meaningless. Never believe you are too big. Never believe you are so small.

Everything has its purpose.

The world is changing. Constant rearranging. Reveal, Obscure, Expose, Veil.

Hot Chip "We Are Looking for a Lot of Love" Lyrics: "Everytime that we walk the streets/I try my best to keep up with the beat/You're everything that I never could keep/I hear the sound and it starts to repeat."


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