So Proud of Scott Kiernan and his pals, Ethan Miller, David McDaniel and Lee Lichstein for their recent write up in the village voice.

I met Scott 12 years ago after I'd spent 2 weeks sleeping in the Port Authority with a schizophrenic boyfriend. I'd sparechanged enough to get on the bus back to Jersey but only halfway. I stupidly told the busdriver I was going to the town where my parents lived, and because I only had a ticket halfway, he gave me hell.   To make sure I got out at the correct stop - the one I'd actually paid for - the driver told me to sit in the front seat, and I stared forlornly out the window wondering if I'd be able to hitchhike home.  That's when I first saw Scott. He was a student at SVA at the time, headed home after class across the highway from where I grew up.  He sat behind me on the bus, defended me to the driver who was giving me shit, and then about an hour into the ride passed me a zine for what was then the Zenith Foundation's indie music label. Scott now runs Louis V ESP with Ethan Miller, makes incredible, challenging art and is the drummer for Young Boys. And frankly, if I hadn't met him, I probably never would have gone to college or pursued my love of art and writing.

Thanks, Scott.


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