Went to the Wisconsin Solidarity Rally and the Planned Parenthood Solidarity rally a week or so ago.  Posting Flicks.

Also scroll to the bottom for OK Stupid inspired music - either songs I've been introduced to by handsome internet strangers, or that remind me of dates I've been on, or why I'm on that stupid thing in the first place - beside the comic, of course.  Of course.

Unfortunately, the planned parenthood rally was pretty sedate. The only chant that was attempted failed badly. Maybe because it was "Condoms, Diaphragms, IUD's - Free Pap Smears, No STD's!" Or something equally absurd. I'm thinking I might have to start up a radical cheerleading squad out here. Or better yet, a radical step crew.

You, sir, can give me a reason to get tested ANYTIME.

Healthy Happy Cunts!
Healthy Happy Cocks!
I'm sorry, but is there anything more attractive than a man with a sense of humor at a planned parenthood rally?
love this one.
Yes it is.

Ahhh....Manu Chao. I will never forget that night 4 years ago that I got called in to bounce at the club out west at 1am because you were doing a surprise show. I'd been drinking wine all night and slapped on my boots and eyeliner and took the bus to work excited to meet you and excited to make the extra dough. And when you got there, Manu....I was drunk and almost didn't let you in because you didn't have an ID and I didn't recognize you in your hoodie. And to think... I could have hugged you instead of hassling you. What I'd give for another chance. le sigh.


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