Hit up the Union Square Solidarity rally yesterday, took a few shots.  Pretty small crowd - rather sedate.

There were the quintessential old white lefties singing "We are the Union, the Mighty, Mighty Union" and walking around in a circle for no apparent reason.  Why walk around in a circle unless its a diversion tactic for the cops?  The symbolism of this disenchants me.

These things sometimes depress the living shit out of me.  Come on, Left.  For real?  Let's get this shit going.  It's time.  It's way past time.  What the fuck are we bickering with each other for?  Where's the fucking passion?  The will?  The drive?  The outrage?  The attempts to reach out?  To educate?  To inspire?

It is simply not enough to bring your friends to a public place to sing songs from 60 years ago.  That's not a demonstration.  That's a pep rally.

The one good thing?  A crew of students singing a song about demonizing workers to the tune of Cee-Lo's Fuck You.

What I'd like to hear at a rally soon?  PGMG's "Parade". Do you know any other good new labor songs?   "Been meeting in the back room/ Been gathering in the parking lot/ Been talking in the break room/ Of what we are doing with what we've got/ Been meeting on the front lawn/ Been gathering in the parking lot/ Been talking in the break room/ Of labour and unrest and eyeing the clock/Are you okay with what you've got?"

After these kinds of things, all there is to nurse my disappointment is $3 imperial pints.

The lyrics to this new Lupe Track sum it up for me....  

"You must be a radio station
  - And who are we?
- We must be a number one song spinnin all day long....."


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