Some new sketchbook scans

So I've been bananas lately, in between work, murals, guest teaching, organizing, and moving.  Sadly I haven't had a ton of time to paint or build, but thanks to the advice of a friend, I've spent more time drawing in my sketchbook on the train.  So here are a few little cartoony sketches that have come of that as of late.  None of them are masterpieces but I don't believe in that bullshit propaganda that they teach you at art school "Don't show anything unless it's amazing!!".  That's some market-based capitalist bullshit - I say, show most stuff, even the not-so-great stuff.  Challenge the concept of genius.  Democratize art.  Share your thoughts.

Apparently, in my self portraits, I am a muppet with 4 fingers on each hand.

Not every frog is a prince.


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